Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Thousand Pardons

The Lady visited me in the night,
his face painted a shade of white,
and asked for me that I should write
so that the game may go on.

Anything in service of the Queen of Wood,
said I, as any and all good dolls should.
I shall endeavor to do some good
and help you in moving a pawn.

You have found the first password:
'The Dance of Death' as it's referred.
Now let's continue this theatre of the absurd
and see that this game is won.

In a race on land or sea or air,
it does not matter where
you go or how fast you run
you're always halfway there.



  1. The one that says everything, including your stupid race, has an infinite number of halves. Every race has a halfway point, and a point half way to the halfway point, and so on to infinity. This means that no matter where you are, you’re always half way to some half of some halfway point. Taken to the nth degree you could never finish your race, because you would always have an infinite number of halves to go, and because you are always half way to some point, you could not move at all. This can only be overcome with annaz’s Law of Smallest Practical Measurement, which states that your last step, or indeed any step, simultaneously includes and overwhelms Zeno’s Paradox. If you need anything else, look it up your own damn self.

  2. "If you pardon we will mend. Else Amandel a liar call"... yet I haven't made any headway on the actual password needed.

  3. Hm... maybe "there" means the horizon, which you can never reach?